The Nigerian most scandalous trending challenge called #Silhouettechallenge that is going viral on social media like TikTok, buzz, and Twitter is now fading away with a new challenge indicated as a #Scripturechallenge.

The Scripture challenge starts up after a tweet from a comedian, Officialarole, who publicly declare the Silhouette challenge as demonic and evil.  Woli Arole is a Nigerian top comedian and a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University. 

He tweeted on his Twitter handle: #Scripturechallenge Oya let’s begin.

This scripture challenge is not for Christians only, it’s also trends in various denominations.

As the scripture challenge counters, the Silhouette challenge is no longer trending as according to reports, Scripture challenge has gotten more than 80,000 tweets and still counts as a leading challenge on Twitter.

Here, we present the challenges and comments from the people on Twitter for more evidence and do not forget to share your thoughts. We are pleased to have you on board.

The Christians are advised to join hands with the ongoing scripture Challenge with videos and lots more to overshadow the power of the Silhouette Challenge.