Following the recent yahoo-cum-ritualist trend, Not less that 25 persons has been confirmed dead within the past 10days after eating fried meat at the Titi’s concept bar in Alagbolo-Akute area of Ogun state

Information gathered by the media points accusing fingers on a young cyber fraudster to be the cause of the death toll

An unknown source has brought to the notice of the Sahara reporters that her apprentice is a witness to the incident.

According to the apprentice, The internet fraudster drove into the bar on 18th march and bought drinks for everyone, same action of his was again repeated on the 19th of march 2021.

The apprentice disclosed that on the 20th of march, The cyber fraudster drove into the bar and after ordering drinks for everyone, he announced it was his birthday and urged the customers to celebrate with him

In the spirit of the celebration, he brought out a cooler filled with fried meat which he shared to anyone who cared to have some alongside the drinks he ordered, the apprentice confirmed he had only the drink and not the meat.

Subsequent to the celebration, over 25 persons who ate the meat died after vomiting blood from their mouth, it is alleged that the deceased was used for ritual purposes,

The suspect whose identity is still undisclosed fled while leaving his car at the Ajuwon area of the state

Police officers in the state have been notified and all hands are on deck to bring the suspect to book.

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