Another Chapter” is a stunning extended playlist EP studio album present by multi-talent artists, Motive and HB, Pundit songwriters, and record producers.

Hell boy and motive Ep’ is the studio collection by the sensational artists, and he has been teasing and talking about it.

From The Project, “Hell boy HB and motive EP” Consists of 8 solid tracks and production credits to Barmy and Aja.

This extended playlist titled another chapter is a whole lot of story put together motive and hell boy HB unleashes the talent in them. In a similar vein, there are vocal features from Wavysico, Aluiz on INCARNATION, and pundit on HIT.


  1. Evil Moon
  2. Devils Cry
  3. Hit (feat. Pundit)
  4. Akpo
  5. Another Chapter
  6. Love
  7. Odi Easy
  8. Incarnation (feat Wavy Sico & ALUiz)