Nollywood actress Destiny Etiko has been brought to the spotlight by Instagram blogger @gistloverupdate on grounds of licentious living

Three days ago the Nollywood actress took to her Instagram page to share a picture of a new whip added to her garage

While Fans and colleagues of the actress congratulated her others questioned her source of such ostentatious living as the car is said to cost not less than forty million naira

Two days after the actress displayed her new whip, Instagram blogger @gistloverupdate stirred a controversy with the actress being the centre role

According to Gistloverupdate, The actress got the car as a gift from her secret lover Teinbo Saturday Seliyefubara, A multibillionaire and the Founder of Belema oil, Married to Elizabeth jackrich, A model and a public figure

In response to the accusation, The actress wrote on her Instagram stories, “When a hardworking woman acquires a house, a land or a car, some jobless fools tags it to a man”

Gistloverupdate also slammed back in a less empathic and blunt manner.

Moments after the actress posted the writeup, she also got it deleted from her stories causing so many raised eyebrows.

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