A video of the young activist addressing some inhabitants of Oyo on the importance of the evacuation of the Fulani herdsmen from Oyo and other western states had earlier surfaced on air.

In the video, Sunday Igboho indicated his readiness in making sure that all Fulani herdsmen gets evacuated from oyo state and other western states. Those statements of his has caused a lot of raised eye brows.

In a riposte to what he said, The police considered him a nuisance and his words as threats and as such has made plans to arrest him.

During an interview with BBC Yoruba, Sunday mentioned he is not scared of getting arrested,

According to him, The kings in Yoruba land are strongly behind him and supports his actions, But the fear of being expunged from office by the Federal Government has kept them behind the mask.

He alleged that the Fulani herdsmen living in the area were responsible for the increased rate of vices happening in the area, Of which he mentioned a kidnap case of a prince by the said Fulani herdsmen and the horrendous killing of one Dr. Fatai who came back from the states to build a farm and develop his community but unfortunately, had his farm destroyed by the herdsmen and while going to complain, he was nabbed by the herdsmen.

Sunday Igboho went further to state that he will not keep quiet in the midst of all these happenings and will make sure the Fulani herdsmen leaves if they cannot find a solution to the criminality happening in the community.

In the interview he mentioned that he was attacked with a gun.

Watch the video below.