Discussing at a web conference, Former Governor of Anambra state, Peter Gregory Obi alongside the catholic bishop of Sokoto diocese, Matthew Kukah, and other Northern leaders said on Thursday, 14th January 2021 that Nigeria is threading the same path that led to the last civil war which lasted from July 6, 1967, to January 15, 1970.

The civil war which was between the Nigerian government and the Biafra agitators claimed over one million lives and a repetition of the incident is feared.

Speaking on the theme: The second never again conference, Mr. Peter Obi concisely noted “we are still traveling on the same way to the same destination, the way got bumpier, worse than it was when they [Nigerians] traveled that way before if you compare what is happening today and what happened then, what brought Nigerians to that destination in the past is actually gotten worse,

In the same light he noted that the rate of unemployment amongst young people has gotten worse, the degree of ineptness amongst leaders is worse today and corruption has also eaten deep into the system much more than it was in the past.

The former Governor didn’t fail to ask Nigerians to pray for the country seeing how incompetent the leaders are and to the elites and all the people in the higher political echelon he beckoned them to come together and pull the country out of the mess it is in, else it will consume all its people.